Project Management & Consultancy Services


What do we do?

We are the project management and cost consultancy division. Therefore, we engage in providing management services. A few of these services are:

  1. project planning
  2. design management
  3. risk management
  4. construction management

Occupiers hire our services. Including program investors, as well as real estate organizations. We are dedicated to serving our clients responsibly. We also ensure that all project objectives are achieved. This we do by providing stepwise solutions to project problems.

Our Focus as a Project Management Firm

Our integral focus is representing the client well. We make sure they receive optimal value return on their money. The firm put foremost the interest of clients. We dully fulfill their requirements and preferences with all diligence and discipline. Our firm has developed so far and acquired skills in varieties of project management and in commercial consultancy services. When it comes to risk management, we collaborate interactively with involved stakeholders. Examples of these services are:

  1. Managing of varieties of the building projects
  2. Master plan design
  3. Cost services
  4. Energy audits amongst others

Project Management Trained Personnel

In addition, our personnel are skilled and trained in quality management. We’ve got outstanding experience in environmental health and safety management as well as construction site management. We are highly experienced with either degree qualification or RICS accreditation. This inherent qualities through numerous experience make us versatile.

New Project Management & Consultancy Technology

We have human resources that use current technologies for quantity surveying. As a result, our division has a cutting edge in innovation and creativity. We then apply this creativity to bring about suitable and customer-preferred outcomes.

Cost & Overall Evaluation of Project

We inform clients about cost planning and consultancy in simple terms. This helps them to understand our cost estimates and proffered solutions. Furthermore, we give step-by-step monitoring, planning, evaluation, and reporting of ongoing projects. We do this consistently and meticulously.

We have the full knowledge of the services we render and we offer these services impeccably and reliably. Hence, our additional services are:

  1. Managing construction
  2. Managing and planning project
  3. Cost planning services and sustainability
  4. Design and quality management
  5. Large scale commercial services

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Steve Hextall

Head of Project Management & Cost Consultancy
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