Land Sterling Is Here To Help You Conduct A Detailed Reserve Fund Study In Dubai


Our cost consulting service provides independent, impartial and in-depth advice on a variety of cost scopes encountered during the life cycle of an asset.

  • Study to reduce operational cost in a building
  • Building whole life cycle costing
  • Service charge allocation and modelling
  • Reinstatement cost valuation
  • Reserve fund study

We Hold Extensive Experience In Providing Reserve Fund Studies In Dubai

There is no denying the fact that your property is going to age and you will need to replace expensive parts of the building during its economic life. As its owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have reserved an adequate amount of funds to fulfill these requirements when the time comes.

The team of experts at Land Sterling is here to help you set up a reserve fund to ascertain that all such capital expenses are covered efficiently. What truly makes it vital for you to setup a reserve fund after acquiring expert cost consultancy services is that it will add value to your property, and will additionally make it possible for you to meet any and all legal requirements set by the authorities.


Protect Your Property – Set Up A Reserve Fund Today

Since our inception, we have made it possible for our clients to acquire accurate information about a variety of cost scopes by conducting detailed reserve fund studies in Dubai. We boast of an outstanding team of cost consultants who hold extensive experience to their credit and have helped countless leading clients set up their reserve funds to cover any and all future costs.

Our team is here to study, examine and document the current condition of your property and provide you with insights into any and all expenses that may arise in the future. Connect with us today!

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