Commercial Services


At Land Sterling, the first thing we do in commercial services is establishing a budget. We prioritize our clients getting optimal value on their investments. According to our years of experience, we devise precise budgets that are written based on a suitable level of possibility as the case may be.

Land Sterling’s commercial team engages with the client and consultant team to:

  1. Bring about a thorough and accurate project report
  2. Optimize Costs through simplification of requirements
  3. Work together to establish a realistic and efficient time for project delivery

Design & Purchasing in Commercial Services

We work with stakeholders throughout the design management process. To accurately manage and monitor the development budget. As part of this process, we maintain:

  1. Ongoing risk analysis
  2. Accurate cost planning
  3. True-value engineering
  4. Safeguarding budget without diluting design intent

We use the latest software to estimate and manage design transitions including risk management and change management. We assess and recommend the most suitable procurement route. We ensure good contracting strategy for your project as this helps to balancing time, cost, and quality considerations.

Construction Phase of Commercial Services

Land Sterling prioritize the importance of managing our client’s costs. We provide a level of service that instills and maintains confidence. Our team of chartered quantity surveying professionals works expressly in line with best industry practices. And also by recognized international standards and ethics. As a result, our services during construction include:

  1. Periodical evaluations
  2. Analysis of third party contract
  3. Bill certification
  4. Agreement management
  5. Prediction of cash-flow and settled account
  6. Change control

We maintain delivery to budget and achieve out-turn cost certainty through:

  1. Operative alteration control
  2. Accurate assessment of change

Land Sterling also ably assist in the unfortunate event that our clients may face, be it contentious contractual situations. We manage the assessment and evaluation of any claims or disputes.

Contract Drafting in Commercial Services

We ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page and that the contracts reflect this. Similarly, Land Sterling engages with all stakeholders to ensure that everyone understands and is clear on their:

  1. Obligations and the processes
  2. Controls and procedures to follow and achieve the best commercial outcome for all

Claims & Dispute Resolution in Commercial Services

Our team works closely with clients. As a result, we avoid escalating any issues and prevent disputes. We can carry out a full scope of services in this specialist field. This includes:

  1. Establishing entitlement
  2. Quantum and forensic analysis
  3. Amicable settlement negotiation through expert witness court representation

Be it either claimant or defendant. We guarantee our clients the best possible outcome to any claims or disputes arising.

Project Auditing Services

Our in-house team can assess current process inefficiencies. They also review cost planning and time over-runs, including procurement strategy. Afterward, they give recommendations for improvements.

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Head of Project Management & Cost Consultancy
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