Building Innovation Solutions


In line with Land Sterling’s strategic vision to be future ready and play a key role in shaping the built environment in UAE & the larger Middle East market, a new department – “Building Innovation Solutions” (BIS) has been set up, which will seek to explore, identify and source innovative technology & AI driven solutions with ground breaking applications for building & infrastructure sector. Forthis, Land Sterling will be collaborating with technology partners from around the globe including start-ups, knowledge hubs, research institutes and leading technology companies to bring solutions to its marketplace aimed at improving efficiency, reducing cost and reducing environmental impact in the operations and management of the built environment.

Product list of BIS is dynamic and will get updated as solutions get identified and sourced. BIS will initially start off with BrainBox AI - an energy saving solution. BIS future products will include “AI Water Intelligence ” – a leak management system.


Surajit Biswas

Head of Project and Building Consultancy
+971 4 3808707