Asset Register

Asset Register Compilation

Reasons for Having Asset Register

  • Keeping an accurate record of assets;
  • Be able to track assets for maintenance, repairs and replacement;
  • Be able to identify asset by description, location, category and asset number;
  • To allocate assets with barcodes or asset numbers;
  • Accounting purposes – estimating monthly and annual depreciation of assets;
  • Facilitate transfer of asset data into Asset Management and FM software;
  • Manage assets throughout their life cycles.

Who Require Asset Registers

  • Owners Association and Community Managers;
  • Facilities Management Firms;
  • Accounting Professionals;
  • Maintenance Personnel;
  • Asset Managers;
  • All Businesses.

Asset Register Services

  • Asset Register Creation
  • Asset Register Reconciliation
  • Asset Coding
  • Asset Tagging

Classes of Asset Registers

  • Asset Registers with Civil, MEP assets;
  • Asset Registers with MEP assets;
  • Asset Registers for Office Assets;
  • Asset Registers for Industrial Process
  • Asset Registers for Hotels;
  • Asset Registers for Hospitals;
  • Asset Registers for Educational institutions (schools, colleges and universities);

Key contact

Ruka Jesinawu ASA

Plant & Machinery Valuation Manager
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