Real Estate specialists that every Landlord needs

Real estate is a long term investment, when you invest your hard earned money in a property and you become a Landlord, you will need all the professional expertise to maximize your return. Surround yourself with professionals to guide you and advise you on the critical decisions so you can enjoy a consistent return during your asset’s life cycle.

Property Manager

If you’re a Dubai landlord who lives abroad or travels frequently, a property manager can protect your real estate investment; they can collect the rent, manage tenants, handle maintenance and pay the bills. Even if you live in the UAE, you can benefit from a property management service. This is especially true if you’re busy and don’t have time for everyday responsibilities that come with being a landlord. A Property Manager can deal with unfortunate situations like rent payment recovery or tenant evictions. In fact, if you hire a great property manager, they may be the only professional you’ll need to cover all aspects of your real estate investment.

Real Estate Agent

Now that you’ve purchased your property or have had it handed over from a developer, you need to start generating income. When leasing your property, use real estate agents that are familiar with the local rental market and that can help you set prices. They can help you find good tenants by using tenant screening techniques that will guarantee a hassle free rental income through the duration of the lease. You can also trust a good agent to handle phone calls, show your properties, and finalize the lease agreement. Always choose a broker registered with RERA, you can find the list of approved brokers on the RERA website. Make sure you sign the Lease Brokerage Agreement between the Owner and Broker. Your property cannot be advertised in the market without a proper marketing agreement duly signed. Click here for the form. 

Real Estate Valuer

A property valuation professional that you can trust is an asset whenever you refinance or sell your property. If you are obtaining a mortgage or refinancing, a bank requires a valuation to ensure that the security value of a property covers the loan. When you hire a valuer, make their job easier by being available to answer their questions and ensure easy access to the property and related documents. A happy valuer is more likely to regard your property positively.

Getting a worthy valuation for your property, securing a good tenant, solving legal issues and maintaining the property on daily basis is a lot of work to be handled by one person, especially in a Real Estate market like Dubai. You need a team of professionals to be there for you whenever you need them.

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