HungerStation’s partnership with AppGallery empowers customers

HungerStation’s partnership with AppGallery empowers customers

More than two years ago, global tech giant Huawei and food delivery app HungerStation began their partnership to bring consumers across the Kingdom greater convenience when ordering food.

HungerStation was among the first apps to join AppGallery in 2020 and become integrated with Huawei Mobile Services, where this step provided users in the Kingdom with a seamless experience from the comfort of their Huawei smart device. Since then, the partnership has only become stronger with numerous campaigns that have brought consumers in Saudi Arabia closer to HungerStation.

Abdullah Al-Saeed, head of partnerships in HungerStation, emphasized on the importance of HungerStation’s partnership with AppGallery and Huawei Mobile Services, saying: “This partnership helped HungerStation to activate its efforts to reach a large portion of customers who use Huawei devices, especially that AppGallery, the official application distribution platform for Huawei devices, is the third-largest marketplace in the world, providing a wide variety of global and local applications across 18 categories.”

(The partnership) has enabled HungerStation to become the No. 1 food delivery app on the AppGallery with over 1 million downloads on the app marketplace

Abdullah Al-Saeed, Head of Partnerships in HungerStation

Al-Saeed said: “HungerStation is among the first apps to be downloaded on AppGallery (since early 2020) and among the first to integrate HMS. This is because of HungerStation’s interest in providing a distinctive and smoother experience for customers through an application that is able to work completely locally on all Huawei devices.

HungerStation has worked on Huawei Mobile Services to run the app locally on AppGallery and it is constantly improving and updating the application to provide a better user experience. Al-Saeed noted that they have worked on “several joint campaigns and activities with the AppGallery team to inform their users about the services they offer and to achieve their goals of reaching out to all their customers using Huawei devices and facilitating their use of the app.”

He said the partnership has helped in “enabling HungerStation to become the No. 1 food delivery app on the AppGallery with over 1 million downloads on the app marketplace.”

He added: “The campaigns launched with Huawei have been a huge success, with the latest campaign receiving more than 17 million views on social media. This has enabled us to attract new customers, with an average of more than 30,000 new downloads.”

The company is also currently in talks to work on launching HungerStation on the latest Huawei Watch 3 Series. This will allow HungerStation’s users to order and then track their order from their flagship smartwatch live and in real-time.

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