TAQEEM grants coveted real estate valuation license to Land Sterling

TAQEEM grants coveted real estate valuation license to Land Sterling

Land Sterling has recently been granted the Real Estate Valuation Fellowship Certificate, a license given to only a select few organizations and institutions in the Kingdom. The Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (TAQEEM) offers the license to only qualified professionals who have completed their training program. As of writing, Land Sterling is one of the few international companies granted the right to practice public and private sector valuation in the Kingdom.

TAQEEM has enforced strict regulations when it comes to real estate valuation services, particularly to the professionals who practice it. Beginning June 2016, TAQEEM has mandated that real estate valuers should complete a training program to standardise their valuations in the market. This effort is also a means to protect consumers and investors from receiving random valuations for their properties. In doing so, TAQEEM has also raised the bar for real estate professionals in keeping their valuation services up to standards of ethics and code of conduct.

The highly coveted certificate allows real estate professionals to practice estate valuation services in the Kingdom, whether for public or private properties. This license includes private sector valuation services like banks or real estate financing companies. It also allows licensed real estate professionals to do services relating to courts to prove the rights particularly in seizure, implementation, inheritance distribution, possession and merging procedures.

Land Sterling is more than ready to provide esteemed valuation services to our clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Backed by extensive research and leading technology, Land Sterling is sure to provide a whole-picture perspective to help our clients make informed decisions regarding their property, whether it is buying, selling or defining the aims of investment and implementing them.

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