Land Sterling expands its services as they connect investors to international property options

Land Sterling now offers a range of properties in some of the fastest-growing cities globally.

A trusted UK property expert
Land Sterling’s team of professional real estate experts has more than 100 years of cumulative experience, in-depth knowledge, and research-driven analysis of location and property markets. With exceptional experience and expertise, Land Sterling is an undeniable market leader and one of the most trusted property experts for the UK.

Robust real estate portfolio
Land Sterling offers some of the highest return on investment with its strong, blended residential and commercial properties portfolio of high yield and robust and stable capital appreciation.

Located in some of the fastest-growing cities globally, investors can choose properties across Liverpool, Bracknell, Sheffield, Preston and Manchester.Fifty5ive Queen Street at dusk - Land Sterling

The perfect time to invest
With a favourable exchange rate for the United Arab Emirates dirham to Great Britain pound, now is the perfect time for investors in the Middle East to invest in one of the safest property markets globally. Land Sterling’s expanding portfolio offers investment options ideal for investors looking for a stable return on investment, steady year-on-year capital appreciation, or a home of their own when their kids go for higher education in two of the greatest cities in the world.


Land Sterling’s inBluLiving External - Land Sterlingvestment team can also assist middle-eastern investors with real estate loan applications that can be availed from some of the top banks regionally, such as ADCB, FAB, ADIB, and Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait. Retail loans can be as high as 1 million GBP and up to 3 million GBP for commercial loans.

With a team of market experts from different areas of specialization in real estate and property consultancy, Land Sterling provides thought leadership and insightful recommendations on property investment across the Middle East and the UK.


Land Sterling is a leading real estate and property consultancy based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Leeds and London. Backed by analytical and research-based reports, Land Sterling offers a full range of property consultancy services to help clients make informed property decisions, reduce risks, and improve overall success.

With over 100 years of cumulative experience, Land Sterling’s team of experts provides insightful opinions that cut across various regions, including the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Land Sterling is a one-stop-shop for all property owners, investors, and developers, from valuation to property consultancy.


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