Land Sterling establishes ties with GeoDrones Aerial Services to enhance Building Surveying reliability

Land Sterling establishes ties with GeoDrones Aerial Services to enhance Building Surveying reliability

Dubai, UAE, 02 June 2022: Land Sterling, a leading global real estate solutions provider in the region, has taken a stake in GeoDrones Aerial Services; one of the UAE’s prime movers in the field of drone operations in order to consolidate services in the specialised areas of property valuation, building & facilities consultancy, project management, strategic and industrial consultancy, asset management and international property sales.

According to Hamza Betraoui, MRICS, Managing Director of Land Sterling, providing detailed external building inspections services is crucial in ensuring client satisfaction, saying, “Incorporating fully-licensed drone operations in our building surveying services is a natural progression in Land Sterling’s growth across the region. We are a tech-led organisation with highly developed technical expertise at our fingertips. This allows us to empower our clients through expert knowledge-led analysis and a deep awareness of the global investment sector, applying practical solutions across the entire value chain and catering to exponential growth in investment trends. Partnering with GeoDrones gives us an edge in the real estate industry, enabling us to provide commercial and professional aerial services utilising cutting edge drones for relevant applications.”

GeoDrones Aerial Services is a Dubai-based commercial drone services provider. It was commissioned in 2020 to provide superior quality drone services to customers across the United Arab Emirates using high-end industrial drones, aerial imaging software and sophisticated analytics.

Mohamed Shawky, CEO of GeoDrones, said, “We are constantly keeping up with the advancements in drone technology, and to be able to provide Land Sterling with state-of-the-art drone services, delivered with high accuracy, economic cost and built-in safety standards in a time effective manner, GeoDrones is cementing its position in the industry by applying drone technology’s potential and unmatched benefits over more traditional techniques of land surveying, mapping, monitoring and external building inspections. It is the ideal match, and we anticipate our partnership will blossom into a long-standing professional relationship that benefits our customers.”

Hamza Betraoui added that he was delighted to be able to incorporate such an extra dimension to the company’s building surveying services, saying, “GeoDrones are the market leaders in their industry, and this joint venture will leverage both the company’s assets and strengths to give customers increased accuracy and more detailed reporting on the data collected, adding tremendous value to all our services. Land Sterling is very much in tune with the need to adopt new technology to improve reliability. We are confident in GeoDrones’ capacity to incorporate innovations like this into our business environment.”


Hamza Betraoui

Managing Director


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