Land Sterling Celebrates 12 Years of Changing the Real Estate Landscape Land Sterling celebrates 12 years in the real estate sector

Land Sterling Celebrates 12 Years of Changing the Real Estate Landscape Land Sterling celebrates 12 years in the real estate sector

From its humble beginnings back in 2009, Land Sterling has grown into a market leader in providing property and real estate consultancy services. As we celebrate 12 years of innovation and excellence, join us as we look back at our memorable journey and find out the best of what is to come in the future.

Award-Winning Real Estate Company

For twelve years, Land Sterling’s track record has been decorated with a glowing reputation and recognition that speaks of our services’ quality. We have evolved into a complete real estate service provider by bringing in the best real estate professionals across service lines like Property Valuation, Building & Facilities Consultancy, Project Management & Cost Consultancy, Investment Advisory, Strategic Consultancy, Industrial Consultancy, Project Marketing, Asset Management and now venturing into International Property Sales as well.

The key behind our success lies in our ability to identify the specific needs of our clients and offer them our range of value-adding services. As a result, Land Sterling expanded & reached its clientele across various sectors because our services bring evident benefit to our clients and different stakeholders. By providing critical and innovative solutions, we have helped countless clients and partners make up-to-date and prudent decisions about their real estate investments and properties.

As an industry leader, Land Sterling takes our responsibility very seriously by informing our clients and stakeholders on the latest real estate trends that will enable them to make informed real estate decisions. In addition, we have supported the most significant real estate events in the region, such as the recently held Cityscape Global (Dubai, KSA and Qatar) and International Property Show, to share the latest insights with our peers and help improve the sector as a whole.

We highlight the importance of following best practices and complying with international standards such as RICS, ISO, ASA, CIOB, and IFMA. In addition, we make conscious efforts to adapt to the changing landscape to give our clients the best service they could have.

Our LinkedIn series “RealPulse” have been created to share insights on specific real estate topics. Fortunately, the series have been received very well.

Our CEO, Mr. Youcef Betraoui was also recognized as one of the most influential real estate professionals in the MENA region by Cityscape. Meanwhile, Hamza Betraoui, Land Sterling’s Managing Director was shortlisted under the category Business Leader of the Year in the upcoming Gulf Capital SME Awards by MEED. Our efforts to provide only the best service to our clients and stakeholders have been lauded and awarded by CM Today in their Smart Built Environment Awards 2021 as “Property Consultancy Team of the Year”.

Overcoming the Challenges of a Global Pandemic

The whole world stuttered to a standstill as the global pandemic changed the way we lived and did business. Likewise, the real estate industry had to adapt and change to overcome the pandemic’s challenges quickly. Amidst employee redundancy and salary cuts, Land Sterling retained all of its employees, maintained salary levels, and even gave out attractive bonuses and incentives due to excellent business performance. It is also noteworthy to share that 2020 was Land Sterling’s best year to date in terms of annual revenue performance. This is a testament to our commitment to our employees, the trust of our clients and the communities we serve through these years.

Innovating the Real Estate Sector

As a key player in the real estate industry, Land Sterling knew that broadening our products and services was the only way to grow. By focusing on diversified growth, we have expanded the business into new opportunities. Currently, Land Sterling has three verticals with new products like Investment Risk Monitoring services that provide confidence to various stakeholders who face uncertainty in the construction landscape of the UAE. This service has helped many clients monitor their investments with efficient control over resources, cutting back unnecessary business costs, and identifying efficient ways to increase revenue.

We have focused on building more sustainable growth over the last 12 years rather than rapid growth, which allowed us to penetrate promising and niche markets, earning a larger market share. Land Sterling has offices across the GCC and the UK with a sustained pathway planned for end-to-end real estate advisory service and practice.

When it comes to growth strategy, we have always adopted an almost clinical yet far-sighted approach. The best example of this would be our recent acquisition of Aspect Project Management, which paved the way to build the company into a full-range real estate advisory practice. Aspect Project Management brings onboard Steve Hextall, whose leadership in design and energy management and cost consultancy has built a robust approach in servicing clientele across sectors like education, healthcare and hospitality.

Upholding a Customer-First Mindset

Since the company’s inception, Land Sterling has always practiced one of our core values: putting our customers first. All our employees live with this guiding principle. As a result, the management and our employees’ continuous training and development efforts to build a healthy workplace have paid off, enabling us to create and nurture better client relationships.

A Vision of the Future

Land Sterling looks forward to continue expanding our business. We have consistently reached targets for several years now, and it is time to up the ante. We intend to achieve this goal by acquiring new customers, penetrating new global markets, offering innovative products to an ever-changing real estate investment landscape.

The future of our organization is in thed creation of the the next generation of leaders. By focusing on improving employee retention strategies and creating career advancement opportunities for our team, we ensure our company will continue to grow sustainably in the future. We are continuously looking to develop young professionals and make them industry members with the coveted RICS and CIOB membership. Each employee is given a platform to take up their professional advancement with constant guidance and initiatives.

Land Sterling has always been at the forefront of ushering in an era of innovation and change. With a mix of IT and real estate professionals, the company boasts a line-up of in-house software products developed to carry out a valuation and other allied services. This initiative helps in efficient turnaround management, robust evaluations and quick delivery of services to meet our client requirements.

The past twelve years had seen Land Sterling’s rise against adversities. Our determination, persistence, and unshakeable dedication to delivering world-class customer service backed by our relentless pursuit to innovate will help us reach even greater heights for the future.

Land Sterling is a leading real estate and property consultancy based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Leeds and London. Backed by analytical and research-based reports, Land Sterling offers a full range of property consultancy services to help clients make informed property decisions, reduce risks, and improve overall success.

With over 100 years of cumulative experience, Land Sterling’s team of experts provides insightful opinions that cut across various regions, including the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Land Sterling is a one-stop-shop for all property owners, investors, and developers, from valuation to property consultancy.



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