Complete Guide About Property Inspections in Dubai

Complete Guide About Property Inspections in Dubai

What is a Property Inspection?
When a real estate property is sold, a home inspection looks at it and provides a report on its condition.

The condition of the property’s plumbing, electrical, water, and sewage systems, as well as some fire and safety issues, is evaluated by a certified home inspector. The home inspector will also search for signs of insects, water, fire hazards, or other damage that might impact the property’s value.

There are three sections to a typical property inspection:

  • Visual Inspection: To participate in the assessment, you must meet your inspector at the property at the designated time. Many clients find the inspection process enjoyable because it allows them to explore a new property with a professional.
  • Inspection Report – After visual inspection, a customised written report is released to the client within 48 hours of the inspection, though it can occasionally be delivered earlier, depending on the company. The reports are usually tailored specifically to the property that was examined.
  • Post-Inspection Resources – After the report is delivered, the inspector is available to you to address any questions about the inspection process or to clarify any issues raised by the report. The inspection fee includes this service.

What is the Purpose of Property Inspection?
The purpose of the inspection is to provide the potential buyer with an objective evaluation of the physical condition of the property. Below is a comprehensive list of some of the purposes of property inspection:

  • Sellers can use the inspection to pinpoint problems that need fixing to show prospective buyers that the house is in good shape.
  • A building inspection considers primary flaws, a group of minor flaws, secondary components, and finishing touches.
  • Building inspections can reveal hidden flaws that a seller may have tried to cover up intentionally.
  • During an inspection, inspect the property for any recent renovations and inspect whether they have been properly registered and documented with permits.
  • Independent property inspection reports may be used to bargain for a lower price when buying or selling a property.
  • Property inspectors can point you in the direction of the appropriate experts for advice on how important issues can affect your property and how to best deal with them based on the findings of the inspections.

Why Are Property Inspections Important for Buyers?
According to recent reports, Dubai’s real estate market experienced the highest sales in July in the previous 12 years as it continues to recover from robust economic activity. In fact, In July, the market recorded 7,092 sales transactions totalling Dh21 billion ($5.7 billion), a significant 63% sales increase over time.

That being said, this number is made possible when buyers purchase the right property, encouraging more people to enter the real estate market. An inspection can be an essential part of the process when a potential buyer is looking to purchase a property.

Property inspections can assure buyers that the property is in good shape and without significant problems. They can also help sellers show prospective buyers that the house is sound and complies with the city’s building and safety codes.

Property Inspections Give You a Peace of Mind
Building inspections provide buyers peace of mind by providing an expert’s assessment of the property’s current state. Here are some types of building inspection reports apart from pre-purchase reports:

  • property reports for specific purposes
  • reports of pest inspections
  • vendor building reports (pre-sale)
  • reports on asbestos
  • certificates of compliance for swimming pools

It’s essential to snag and inspect your property to guarantee that you receive your priceless asset in perfect condition. However, to spot and inspect the construction and finishing touches that the contractor is handing over, you need an impartial engineer with a keen eye for detail.

Land Sterling has been in the real estate industry for more than 12 years offering various project management services. If you want to invest in a property, you need experts who have handled numerous tasks to help you with thorough property inspection. Get a quote for property inspection in Dubai from our website today.


1. Is a Home Inspection Necessary?

It is always a good idea to have a home inspected before purchasing because a home inspection offers a comprehensive assessment of the home’s safety and condition.

2. Are home appraisals and inspections the same thing?

A home inspection and a home appraisal are two different processes. A mortgage lender arranges for an appraisal, and the appraiser will determine the property’s value using various valuation techniques, such as comparable home prices, the size, and the quality of the home.

The only things that a home inspector looks for when inspecting a house are general safety issues or potential trouble spots, such as a leaky roof, peeling paint, or anything that doesn’t meet the municipal building code.

3. What Happens If a Home Inspector Discovers a Problem?

Suppose a home inspection report identifies any hazardous materials or pricey cosmetic flaws. In that case, the buyer may opt not to complete the transaction, renegotiate the purchase price, or request that the homeowner make repairs to uphold the contract’s terms.

4. What three categories of inspection exist?

Pre-production, in-line, and final quality inspections are the three main types. Various details must be examined and approved throughout each phase to identify and address quality issues.

5. A property inspector is what?

Property inspectors assess residential properties to see if they comply with regulations. They conduct comprehensive property inspections, speak with homeowners, and write inspection reports.


Arshad Ahmed

Head of Building and Facilities Management


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