Best Pet-Friendly Communities In Dubai

Best Pet-Friendly Communities In Dubai

Pets have become an extension of our livelihood and deserve nothing but the best, like a great home in a good neighbourhood. Being able to live with your pet freely with the confidence that it’s safe is the kind of validation pet owners wants. Dubai is one of the top countries to be considered “pet-friendly”, and here at Land Sterling GA, we offer homes that accommodate this kind of lifestyle.

Having a pet gets you to accompany them, bringing an active lifestyle, a great way to spend your evenings. Even in some cases, you end up meeting new people in your neighbourhood, and these beautiful moments are why many consider living in a pet-friendly community.

What is a “Pet-Friendly” community? This community accommodates pets and includes features like sidewalks, on-site dog parks, a large grassy area or an enclosed run that allows pets to stretch.
But, not all areas are “Pet-Friendly”; some communities or apartments are “Pet-Tolerant”. I know you’re probably wondering what it means; Have you ever been in a neighbourhood that does not allow pets or rather an apartment that does not allow tenants with pets, and the only pets they can consider are caged pets or pets in an aquarium? That’s a “Pet-tolerant” community. Some even go the extra mile of scheduling an interview for the pets! It’s quite an extreme measure that most pet owners wouldn’t consider ideal. We’ve narrowed down the list of Pet-Friendly Communities in Dubai that you might consider selecting as your next home.

Jumeirah Village Circle
Being one of the newest neighbourhoods in Dubai, it’s known for being a pet-friendly community. Surrounded by green spaces that have long pathways, and it also has pet shops such as Positive Paws.

Downtown Dubai
You are looking to live in an accommodation that can accommodate your pets? Well, Downtown is the place to be. It has dog-friendly cafes such as Open Sesame and La Serre. In addition, you can quickly go with your pet on your lunch dates.

Dubai Hills
It consists of a mixture of luxury apartments, villas and townhouses with rolling green spaces that allow your pets to run around. It also has pet agility facilities.

Arabian Ranches
If you’re looking for a place with pet-friendly accommodation, this is it! It consists of apartments with wide garden spaces that have high walls for added security for your cats and dogs to play around freely. Parks and lakes are also right outside the villas.

Palm Jumeirah
It has villas and apartments with a backyard for pets to run around. You can also take long walks along the Palm-Fringed Palm West beach or at Al Etihad Park.


Kalpana Murthy

Head of Sales & Leasing Brokerage


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