Real Estate Feasibility Study: Construction Project Implementation

Why is a property feasibility study for construction projects important?

A property development feasibility study for a construction project is primarily done to establish the overall viability of a project and the potential challenges that might be encountered throughout the span of its implementation. The study can also help strengthen the case of a project, allowing developers to secure necessary funding.

In essence, a property development feasibility study seeks to:

  • Determine the legal, technical, and financial viability and sustainability of the project
  • Identify the most cost-effective methods and resources necessary to complete the project
  • Pinpoint risks involved and the most viable solutions for them
  • Ascertain the required documentation, licenses, permits, and other related paperwork
  • Establish environmental impact of the project, if required

Land Sterling provides comprehensive, detailed, and accurate property feasibility studies that aim to present all pertinent data in an organised and objective manner, as well as enable stakeholders, developers, and third-party companies to reach an informed decision.

Core essentials of a real estate feasibility analysis

The real estate financial feasibility analysis and report that our experts and engineers provide includes:

  • In-depth review of the design and specifications
  • Inspection of the construction site
  • Support during the tender process
  • Identification of documents and requirements
  • Assistance in identifying suppliers and subcontractors

With years of experience in the industry, our team of specialists are able to analyse and produce complete studies on a diverse range of property development projects, including residential, commercial, industrial, corporate, and retail, among other types of construction undertakings.

We help various clients gain solid footing prior to investing or starting any huge or complex projects, allowing them to avoid or minimise associated risks and losses. We make it a point to collaborate with our diverse clientele, such as in establishing an agreeable timeline for the completion of the study.

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