Building Surveying

Our Building Surveying Department offers an in-depth knowledge and experience in providing the following services across the construction industry. Our capabilities cover:

  • Building Condition Audits
  • Buildinc Surveying and Inspection Services
  • Construction Progress and Compliance Reports
  • Defects Analysis and Remediation Solutions
  • Fire Safety Audits and Inspection
  • Reinstatement Valuation Surveys
  • Reserve Fund Studies
  • Structural Surveys, MEP Audits and Inspections
  • Project Monitoring

Areas of Expertise and Building Types :


Villas, apartment blocks, and other domestic dwellings.


Including swimming pools, places of worship, educational establishments, health centres, sports pavilions, sports stadia, museums and art galleries, etc.


Conference halls, exhibition and leisure centres, restaurants, cafes, snack bars, theatres, cinemas and concert halls, etc.


Any factory involved in the manufacturing, processing, repairing, of goods or materials etc.


All types of hospitals, medical centres and clinics.


A building or premises used for office, administrative or clerical purposes, financial transactions including banking and building society work, communications, telegraph, radio, television, film, audio or video recording or performance.

Retail and Commercial units

Premises used for shopping including individual retail units, malls, shopping centres, commercial centres etc.

Storage Facilities and Warehouses

Premises used for storage and ware-housing of goods and materials.

Mufti Storey Car Parks

Above and below ground parking facilities.

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